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Mike Dean to release new live album at Feed-N-Seed In Lafayette

By Matt Sigur, The Advocate

Mike Dean’s been waiting a long time to put out a live album. How long? Try 12 years.

The country singer-songwriter was born in Baton Rouge, grew up in Church Point, and now calls Lafayette home. His musical career started in 2004. Since then, he has released a handful of EPs, LPs, and singles. But throughout all those releases, Dean said the live album has been the one that has been on his mind the most.

“The live album is the only one I ever wanted to make,” he said. “I always enjoyed those albums. I think about albums like ‘Waylon Live’ by Waylon Jennings … that’s my favorite stuff. It puts you in that place.”

Dean and his band will celebrate the release of “Mike Dean Band Live” on Friday at Feed N Seed in Lafayette. Doors open at 8 p.m. Cover is $10. The Captain Legendary Band will open. “Mike Dean Band Live” is a preview of what audiences will be in for

“For the longest time, we’d play and then sell a CD to someone, and we would be like, ‘Well, it really sounds different on the CD,’ ” Dean said, laughing. “The live album is a more honest representation of where we are, what we sound like as a band right now.”
Recorded in Abbeville at Richard Sale Barn on Nov. 8, 2014 (Dean’s birthday), the album documents how far Dean and his band have come. But the recording process wasn’t without its intimidations.

“That venue was the inspiration to do the live album,” Dean said. “You’re playing to a seated, receptive audience. They have no choice but to be there and participate for the band. The first time we played there, it freaked us out.”

During the recording in 2014, the band flew through 40 songs. And those first few cuts, the band was a little stiff.

“Man, we tried to record a live album before,” Dean said, mentioning how the material never came back sounding as good as he wanted. “This time around, by the second or third song, we thought we messed everything up.”

Dean and the band expected to scrap the idea of a live album from the show, but they heard how they transformed when they dropped the pressure.

“When we thought [the live album] wasn’t gonna work, we decided to have fun and play,” Dean said. “When we were listening back to it, we realized it was good. The overall feeling was there. We captured a good live vibe, and we all got excited about it.”
Over the next two years, Dean and the band mixed the album, and pared down the tracklist to 16 songs. “Mike Dean Band Live” features 12 originals and four covers, including a Charlie Daniels and Townes Van Zandt tune.

Those who haven’t heard Dean should expect a heavy dose of good vibes. Dean is not afraid to look out at what’s happening in his backyard and put it on display in his songs. But his songs are more optimistic than depressing.

“I could write about all the bad stuff, but why?” He said. “At the same time, I don’t want to be all flowers and sunshine. Me, I’m a huge Bruce Springsteen and Merle Haggard fan. When I was starting out, I always went back to what Springsteen said about looking in your back- yard, see what’s happening and go from there.”

Mike Dean Band Live – Album Review

By: Ronnie Calhoun, Louisiana Country Music

After listening to Mike Dean’s 16 track live record, we only had one regret: not being at the actual show. Although as we sat listening, the energy of the music and the audience had us about as close to being there without actually being in the seats watching the band.

Mike and his band have been around since 2003 releasing four full length studio albums and a compilation album of fan favorites along the way. This album consists of 13 live versions of cuts that can be found on previous studio albums, plus a Charlie Daniels, Townes Van Zandt, and Rodney Crowell covers that can frequently be heard at their live shows. It also includes the track “Cool Weather,” a brand new song which was released as a single with an accompanying video that is on regular rotation on local country radio stations. It has quickly become a fan favorite.

“Mike Dean Band Live” delivers everything fans have come to expect from Dean’s projects, and more. Digging in you’ll find dancing songs, rockers, road tripping tunes, ballads, toe-tapping and drinking songs all delivered with Dean’s unique phrasing and warm, smooth vocal and a red hot backing band that gives off the vibe that they’ve been playing together for a very long time. From the opening track Sweet Louisiana, a Southern rocking Charlie Daniels cover, one of Dean’s preferred openers, to Went West a song he wrote about a road trip to the California Coast you’ll get to feeling like you’re sitting right there in the audience. The new single Cool Weather is a song telling of love, loss, and life that’ll stay in your ears long after it’s done. There’s Whiskey Brownand 7 & 7, two of the most requested songs on South Louisiana radio. Hearing Broken Spanish, you’ll find yourself imagining being stuck down south of the border to Stars of Lonesome Dove, a rocking tribute to Mike’s favorite movie and some of his own adventures. Atchafalaya is another crowd favorite that’ll take you down to the swamps of the basin. You’ll have a drink and a dance to Must Have Had a Good Time, and sing along to nostalgic rocker Dusty Trigger. Closing track Bottle Goes Down will leave you calling out for one more song. Turn down the lights, grab a drink, and spend an evening with Mike Dean.

Great Interview w/ Mike Dean & Buck Verret on RadioLouisiana.com

By: Radio Louisiana

It was a pleasure purchasing Mike Dean’s new LIVE album a week ago at the CD Release in Lafayette, LA. We were able to hear great new tracks “Cool Weather” and “Cincinnati” as well as one of our favorites from the band “Atchafalaya.” So we decided to invite Buck Verret and Mike Dean to RadioLouisiana in the Oil Center for an interview to kick off another great hour of learning about many reasons for writing great music behind the man himself. We always enjoy hearing what sparked such great music in the Acadiana area, and this great interview, and CD are no exception. Do yourself a huge favor and purchase the new CD for your car or home…if you enjoy a great Louisiana relaxed sound of inspired tracks of the cities you love in Louisiana and beyond you will love this new LIVE album. We recommend it heavily and will also be playing four tracks on the album in regular rotation on RadioLouisiana.com. Click the picture to the right and be directed to new shows and great music from a local artist that will inspire you every time you click play. We appreciate the guys taking the time out of their busy schedules to come in this week!

Don’t miss the band at Richard Sale Barn where the album was recorded coming up on May 28, 2016! Click the event and join in the fun by clicking here!

Great Interview w/ Mike Dean & Buck Verret on RadioLouisiana.com…